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Bigfoot Rig Walking System

Columbia offers walking system solutions capable of moving loads of up to 12 million pounds. These systems are custom designed and fabricated to meet each customer's specific design criteria. Columbia Rig Walking Systems allows rig operators to move a loaded rig, including full fluids, full set back loads, and all tools from well to well. This eliminates the need to rig down for each move and greatly increases operating efficiency by enabling batch drilling.

The Columbia Rig Walking System allows multiple interconnected modules to be moved simultaneously. This system also offers several rig movement and steering options including forward, backward, right, left, crab, spin, and complementary movement. These steering modes allow for precise positioning on the pad.

Columbia offers a wired or wireless remote control package to enable operators to be in the most advantageous and safe position possible during a rig move. This ensures that the rig is moved safely and precisely.

Columbia Manufactures Walking Systems with a Wide Range of Capacities and Capabilities Including:


  • 5,000,000 lbs - 12,000,000 lbs
  • Approximately 60 seconds to move 48 inches
  • Scalable design to meet your needs


Our innovative engineers will work with you to develop a solution for your rig and operating environment.

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