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Blimp Trailer

The Columbia Blimp Trailer is a moving and mooring system. The system utilizes two 7,000 pound torsion axles and one 12,000 pound utility axle. Both have electric service brakes to provide mobility on and off the highway. A hydraulic cylinder is used to raise and lower the mast. A pair of outriggers gives the trailer a wide base and increased support. The telescoping mast allows the connection of the two sizes of blimp.

The Blimp Trailer has one permanent and one removable platform to allow work to be done at two different heights for the varying size of the airship. The six landing gears give the trailer a solid base and rubber pads on the feet of the landing gear prevent slipping of the trailer.

The trailer has a gooseneck coupler at the front of the trailer, which allows for vehicle attachment and highway operation. Steps on the mast allow users to ascend and descend the mast.

CAPACITY: Scalable Capacity


  • Breakaway Switch
  • Safety Chains
  • Electric Brakes
  • Fall Restraint System
  • Counterbalance Valve