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RIG SURVEY -- When incorporating a Columbia Walking System onto a drill rig substructure, a detailed rig survey and structural analysis is performed. During the survey, Columbia engineers measure all member cross-sections, plate thicknesses and member configurations. If rig substructure drawings are provided by the Customer, the survey will confirm all member sizes and locations in addition to looking for any modifications to the rig structure that may not be shown on the drawings. If no drawings are provided, the survey will provide all the information and dimensions needed to build a 3-D computer model of the substructure.

STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS -- With a 3-D computer model built from a rig survey or provided by the rig designer, a detailed structural analysis is performed using RISA-3D structural analysis software. Additionally, finite element analysis may be performed using ANSYS, as required. The purpose of this analysis is to assess the feasibility of incorporating a Columbia Walking System into the rig substructure. This analysis only considers loading present during walking operations, and does not include the analysis of the rig under loads present during drilling operations. This analysis evaluates the rig for compliance with AISC 9th Edition (ASD) under walking conditions and provides recommendations for improving structural components, if necessary.

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