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Littlefoot Rig Walking System

Columbia's Littlefoot Rig Walking Systems use custom-designed beams to accommodate low ground bearing pressure, allowing for additional steering modes, including transverse. The beams designed are integral to the rig structure interface with the moving system. The Littlefoot Walking System jack assemblies are directly mounted into the beam, minimizing truck loads during pad-to-pad moves.

SAFETY FEATURES: The Littlefoot Walker uses a safe, low-pressure hydraulic system. The main lift cylinder hydraulic circuit is equipped with counterbalance valves. E-stops are mounted on the power unit, as well as the hand held controls. The E-stops shut down the HPU motors in the event of an emergency.

WALKING CYCLE: The lift cylinders raise the rig and the travel cylinders push the module. The lift cylinders then lower the load and the travel cylinders retract, resetting the system for another cycle.

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