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NASA Solid Rocket Transporter

Columbia manufactures large capacity transporters for a wide range of applications. Our experience makes us highly qualified to provide innovative solutions for your transportation needs. With over 50 years of experience, Columbia Industries has designed and manufactured a variety of specialty transporters for use in several industries:


AEROSPACE INDUSTRY: Columbia has fabricated a transporter to move the Solid Rocket Boosters for NASA's Space Shuttle.

This unit is self-propelled and capable of carrying a net payload of 180 tons. The deck is removable. Either the front or rear dolly can propel the unit. The transporter has 96 tires on a total of twelve sets of axles that steer proportionally. This allows the unit to maneuver in tight areas.

We have also manufactured a transporter to move large communication satellites.


This unit was designed to transport turbines for a hydroelectric project in British Columbia, Canada. The transport was designed to carry a 225-ton payload. Its hydraulic steering system operates either manually or automatically.


This transporter was one of two manufactured for the British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority. They were used to transport generators and pentstocks on various hydroelectric projects in British Columbia. The 200-ton capacity units are both self-steering, with the ability to be manually operated from the rear mounted control cab.

OIL INDUSTRY: Columbia has built equipment to move Catalytic Towers, mud processing facilities and support modules.